I am so excited to come home to feature dance! As most of you know I truly enjoy feature dancing. It doesn’t get much better than featuring in my hometown and college town! Looking forward to giving all of you lap dances :) I have tons of giveaways, DVDs, Tee Shirts, Stickers, Signed photos, and so much more!

April 16-19th!
Silver Dollar Club in Eugene, Oregon April 16th & 17th.
Sunset Strip PDX in Portland, Oregon April 18th & 19th.
Taboo Video Store Signing in Vancouver, Washington April 18th.
Taboo Video Store Signing in Portland, Oregon at the 82nd location April 19th.

I hope to see you there!
photo 2
photo 1

This Is How Much I Love Austin Texas

LA Galaxy Games 2013

A Weekend With My Best Friend Tory Lane

Valentines Day Is Coming Soon!

TC Naughty America

Happy Early Valentines Day!
I will be posting a link soon to a very special Naughty America scene.
In the meantime here is a little preview picture :)


my own little photo shoot

One night I was bored so I tried to take some photos of myself with a tripod haha. Here they are unedited. Enjoy :)




Mt Hood Meadows Lift

I have plenty of updates coming your way! I am sorry there isn’t anything in the upcoming section on my website. There should be soon. Sorry for the confusion. Another scene will be out Friday! :)




Shredding on Mt. Hood

Teal Conrad Day At The Beach With Friends From Home