Teal Conrad Surf Video Made For Tory Lane

Teal Conrad Surf Video Made For Tory Lane by tealconrad

I found this old blog of mine…I thought I would share..

Hey everybody!

My name is Teal Conrad, I just recently got into the adult industry, and I love it! Since I am very new this is exciting for me to be able to start blogging. English was my favorite class in school. Figuring that I have plenty of interviews out there about myself I decided I would write my first blog on the biggest transition I have ever made in my life…Getting into porn.

My mainstream career brought me to the adult industry at age 18 when I flew to California for a lifestyle shoot. After falling in love with Los Angeles and being in front of the camera I proceeded to try something new. I have always been a curious girl that loved to try new things. Finally I decided I want a change, I want to be myself, I want to try porn! Some people find it shocking I am in this industry, others hate that I am involved with it, but there are some that say ‘I can see you in porn!’

The puzzle pieces were all coming together after I flew back and forth from Portland to LA a few times. I think I was just nervous to move because I had never moved before. Once I realized I just have to pack a few things and slowly move everything down I began my big adventure. Driving I-5 South, through the entire state of Oregon and California by myself in my little car was my first step. The feeling of being independent at such a young age is so hard to describe. I felt like I was on top of the world, I know it sounds pathetic, but I was just really excited to be on my own! Cruising the freeway I listened to Howard Stern, talked on the phone, and masturbated nearly the whole way. Once I reached the sign “Goodbye Oregon, Welcome to California!” I was like ‘Fuck yes! Finally, I can go over 65!’ Even though that wasn’t the case…I assumed wrong and got pulled over…92 in a 55! No more bragging about never having a speeding ticket. I laughed it off and continued my journey.

Now I am finally settled here in the valley. I am very excited about being new in the industry, growing up, and succeeding. This is such a prime time in my life and I am eager to keep going forward. So far my journey has taught me a lot and I look forward to sharing it with you all!

A First For Everything…Even In Porn

Hey Everybody,

I know it has been awhile since I have posted a blog…I have been extremely busy doing things for Teal. I have been working really hard and I have a lot of really great things going on. It blows my mind that it’s been a year and a half since I started in the adult industry. Time goes by so fast as I get older.

This blog is really unorganized. It’s been a long time since I sat down and just typed. Please excuse any errors as I have a lot to say in my next few blogs…

I was thinking about how my life has changed since porn…I basically did a 180 in a blink of an eye. Before porn I was a fitness/lifestyle model & a student. I was still a very busy teenager. I never had a ‘regular’ job like most 16-17 year olds. I just did what most teenage girls did that didn’t work…FRIENDS, social networking, shopping, school, gym, tan, etc. Basically I was busy doing whatever I wanted. Lets fast forward to now…It has been 18 months since I signed with LA Direct and started making my own income. Discovering something I truly love to do has allowed me to do some pretty great things in a short amount of time. I hope it never stops.

Before reading the rest of this please remember: I do what I do because I love it. I wouldn’t do anything I didn’t want to do. Working hard towards your goals and making them happen is such a great feeling. Lastly, the more I do, the more I want. The cycle continues and it’s amazing.

Also, keep in mind a ‘porn girl’ or as most say ‘pornstar’ doesn’t just shoot scenes for work. I definitely don’t shoot scenes every single day. There are a lot of other things we do on a regular basis for work…such as feature dancing, personal websites, appearances, verified call, web cam, and the list goes on. There are other things we have to do to make it all happen like get tested, go to the gym, eat right, social media, get stuff for set, memorize lines, and much more. To be in this industry you really are constantly doing something for work and you have to be able to accept that. Clearly, I have done so already.

Alright now that I have explained a porn girls lifestyle & that I love my job. I am pleased to announce something I have never done before…A year & a half later and never taken more than two days off before until now! I am finally doing it, I am taking 5 days off to go home to visit my family! I kinda think it’s a big deal, taking days off for the first time ever! I know the news isnt what most of you want to hear. I am sure if I were to have said I am announcing my first anal scene or something like that you all would be stoked haha. I am just really excited to finally take the time to go home to Oregon and escape the concrete jungle for a few days to see my family.

As lots of you know I have been home twice very briefly since I started. The first time I flew home and was home for less than 24 hours. Shocking to most that I flew home with empty suit cases, bought suit cases there, filled them up, then got on a plane again the next morning. The second time I went home I drove up there because the suit cases weren’t cutting it and it was Christmas. Even though the fucking snowstorm I blogged about made me miss Christmas it was still great to see my mom & dad. That trip was also really just to get more of my stuff to bring to California and get new license plates.

The other morning I woke up and decided I am going home for a few days! Now is the perfect time cause the industry is kind of on hold right now. I suggest to others in the biz they should do the same thing. Since you should not be shooting right now you should take a break and visit your families or go on a vacation. Do something for yourself.

P.S. I am not taking any sort of break from porn. I’m taking a vacation that is definitely necessary.

Alright, now I am going to get ready to go feature dance at Spearmint Rhino Rialto with Christie Stevens. If you haven’t checked out my website that just recently launched you should do that too! www.tealconrad.com

I will post more blogs soon. The next few blogs will be more entertaining for you all :)



First Time

My middle name was rebellious about a year ago when I was still a fitness model. I was in California modeling for a mainstream lifestyle company when I decided I wanted to do more. Being 18 years I didn’t know how to approach the adult industry. Fortunately, I was told to go to Direct Models. On one of my days off I took a cab to the agency’s office..Derek Hay of Direct Models was excited to take me on board. That’s where it all started.

Shortly after signing with Direct Models I changed my flight to stay longer. I was booked almost instantly. I wasn’t worried about anybody finding out what I was about to do because they thought I only did mainstream stuff. Not to mention, I was always so innocent looking. I remember thinking nobody will know because I didn’t tell anybody what I was even considering doing. Besides, who looks at porn anyways? Oh boy was I wrong! It got out very fast.

My first time on camera was for a company in which likes to shoot only all natural girls with no tattoos. They sent a driver to pick me up to fly to Arizona for the day to shoot a solo scene and had asked me to look like the girl next door. The shoot started with an interview and then I was asked to get naked. I wasn’t hesistant at all but I think you can tell I was nervous. The interview continued…I continued to smile and enjoy myself as I was asked questions.

I was feeling really rebellious, excited, and a little nervous all at the same time.

Then we went to a park where I was going to do some topless running…which led to naked running. Since I was a fitness model I had said “I feel like I am doing Nike Naked.” I was just enjoying being in front of the camera, the more naked I got, the bigger my smile was. The shoot was lead off of my personality. I talked about what it would be like being naked at a gym, he asked if I would do it, I said “Yeah! Let’s go!” Flashing at a busy gym gave me quite the adrenaline rush, I was loving it. After the gym and a mini solo session in the locker room I had filmed myself we went back to the house to masturbate. As I tried to get comfortable masturbating in front of somebody for the camera I began to feel this feeling inside about being a fantasy to somebody else. The thought of that turned me on so much. Although I held back some moans I still was able to cum a few times. The shoot finished with some naked dancing. I got on the plane back to LA and had decided my new career would be within the adult industry. It’s been about a year since then, I feel like I have grown up a lot. I really enjoy what I do and I look forward to the future of Teal Conrad.